What is a High Growth Founder?

If you are a builder, creator, or project starter who embraces life’s challenges to extract the growth insights and lessons within them then you are a High Growth Founder.

It’s not about marketing tactics or sales tips (though sometimes I share those too), it’s about becoming the person that finds growth lessons everywhere β€” especially the tough times.

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I share the lessons and insights I’ve learned from making mistakes, picking myself up, and continuing to grow on my own Founder journey.

And I share proven growth strategies by helping 100s of early-stage startups, consultants, freelancers, and coaches accelerate their growth.

Every week you can expect:

  • A story, insight, or framework that proved invaluable on my own growth journey

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Who the hell am I?

I’m Kasey Jones. I’m a growth strategy coach, advisor, and consultant to Founders of all kinds β€”> early-stage tech, consultants, agency owners, coaches, and community builders. Since 2017, I’ve been a consultant, advisor, coach, and mentor to 100s of entrepreneurs from early-stage to $50m ARR.

Wanna learn more? Check out my website: www.abetterjones.com

Also, check out the High Growth Founders podcast where I interview founders about what fueled their growth and share lessons from helping startups grow faster.

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Kasey Jones πŸ” (she/her)
Growth consultant, coach, advisor, and mentor to 100s of Founders. I share the lessons I've learned from my own leadership journey, the mistakes I've made, and the proven growth methods I've honed.